II: Vanishing

by Longhouse

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Cory Gee
Cory Gee thumbnail
Cory Gee It's as dark as the cover suggests and brings to light some serious issues in Canadas past.
I think this stands high above many others in the same field of doom, sludge, stoner, phsyc etc.
Treat yourself to this, now! Favorite track: No Name, No Marker.
The Goon
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The Goon You know that nightmare where you're trying to run from something but it feels like you're moving through wet sand in slow motion? This is the soundtrack to that dream.
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released April 14, 2017

Recorded by Mike Bond at Wolf Lake Studios.
Mixed and mastered in The Bond Cave.
Assistant Engineer, JP Sadek

Additional guitar production by Shane Whitbread
Additional vocals on The Vigil by J.D Gobeil
Synth on The Vigil by Shane Whitbread
Additional guitars on Hunter's Moon by Shane Whitbread

J.D Gobeil and Shane Whitbread appear courtesy of Loviatar

Album art Mosaeye



all rights reserved


Longhouse Ottawa, Ontario


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Track Name: Hunter's Moon
Glide through shadows
As we stalk our prey
Silver goddess
Light our way
Track Name: Vanishing
A thousand voices gone
Ripped from the mortal song
Outcast. Burden.
The ulcer tears and bleeds
The wound that's corrupting
Silent. Ruin.

Their hollow eyes betray the pain
Peel back the lies, expose our shame

Speak for those who can speak no more
Scream out for those who screamed alone

Daughters victimized
Betrayed and stigmatized
Worthless. Harlot.
Sisters vanishing
A nation's tragedy
Blinding darkness
Track Name: Blood and Stone
Brilliant glimmer breaking the horizon
Arms held outstretched with your offering
Lift your face to the hope a new dawn brings
Grateful to greet the morning sun again

Our breath flowing touching distant leaves
On wings of song and dreams
At the river's edge we feel connected
To the vast mystery

Our skin, our bones, our blood
We are children of the Earth

Walk with kindness
Honour all relations
Let our songs ring out in harmony
Live in reverence
Value all creation
Beneath each stone find divinity
Track Name: No Name, No Marker
No mark where we lay
Our names not engraved
But not forgotten

Beneath the cross we found no shelter
Within its shadow we found no saviour
We squeezed our eyes to disappear
As the footsteps drew ever near

Midnight wings caress the sky
Through the mist the raven's cry
Calls us home

Nightmares stalked the night
Shadows stole the light
Behind our eyes

A mother's hope stifled by waiting
A family's pain through generations
We invoked your name with our last breath
To guide you here where we now rest

No name, no marker
Track Name: The Vigil
Oh sacred titan of the sky
The vault of heaven opens wide
With wings of light to speed the dawn
Talons poised to smite
Those who ignore Her song

Stoke the fire
Let smoke from primal cauldrons rise
Blazing spires
Uniting earth and skies

Through ash crusted land
Push forth from Her womb
Divine transformation
Restore what once was ruined

Sentinel arise
Keep vigil through the night
Celestial ally
Starlit hope until first light

When ancient pacts have been betrayed
Cries of reprisal fill the air
Vengeful colossus, cleansing rain
Restores the balance in Her name