Earth from Water

by Longhouse

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Recorded at Wolf Lake Studios with Mike Bond at the helm (Loviatar, Norilsk, Arms of the Girl), Earth from Water explores various spiritual concepts, highlighting the perseverance of the human spirit and the importance of humility, self-sacrifice, and ability to submit and be open to perceive the teachings of the natural world. This is juxtaposed with cautions of allowing our individual egos to reign unfettered.


released August 7, 2015

Music and lyrics written by Longhouse

Recorded by Mike Bond at Wolf Lake Studios
Mixed and Mastered in The Bond Cave.

Art by Chris Volion at The Gilley van Weirden Workshop

Design by Jason Alward

CD distribution by Sunmask Records



all rights reserved


Longhouse Ottawa, Ontario


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Track Name: Earth from Water
From the sky
Through the hole She fell
The great creatures
In the sea they dwell

By his hand
By his sacrifice
Grain of sand
Seed of life

Breath of life for his sacrifice

Deep below
Dive beneath the waves
Earth from water
Offering is made
Track Name: Eternal Forest
Rise towards the sky
Rest your head among the stars, the Ageless Ones

Eternal forest

Forged in ice, fog, and darkness
Swallow light, consume the heartless

Nature's might, dense and ruthless
Failing mind, prey to hubris

Call out my name to draw me near
Reach for my soul, twisted by fear
Track Name: Gift of Fire
Burning deep within the soul
Let it go, relinquish control
Pushing forward
Never looking back

Reach the beyond

As the rivers flow
With the stars to guide
Where the spirits roam
The heart will never die

The gift of the morning sun
All of life - we exist as one
Feel the heartbeat
Let it be your drum

Honour the way

Stand strong, face the coming storm
Sing your song, should your end draw near
Push aside fear
Walk the sacred path

Reach the beyond
Track Name: Gehenna Gate
Stolen dream
Beat your drums and rattles
To mask their screams

Blackened wings outstretched
Iron hands receive
Gaping, fiery breast
Rendered flesh to feed

Cursed lands
Sinners weep
In the mountain's shadow
The dragons sleep

And in the moment of dying light
the fires erupted, splitting the night
And those resigned to their fate
slowly walked through gehenna gate
Track Name: Whispers and Storms
Beneath the emerald sky
Whispers upon the breeze
Recite the story,
relay the dream

Stand alone seeking glory
the endless journey snares and consumes

Break away

Seal the eye, walk in darkness
Forgotten senses. Blind and confused

Light the way

Awaken by the storm
Adrift upon the sea
Witness the power,
humbled and free